White skins saved welcome spring

Khám phá đảo Dấu khi đến với Đồ Sơn
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White skins saved welcome spring

Tắm trắng cho làn da đen bẩm sinh

The Lavender spa system applies the privilege program: purchase 10 times of white bath, customers will be awarded 5 times and a voucher valued at 2 million VND.
Most of the sisters and women want to find a suitable white bathing method. This is also a good time for white bathing so that you have a soft, white skin and welcome the new year.

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In 2010, beauty experts in Lavender Spa system discovered the whitening ability from the Japanese nest. The nest consists of many rare nutrients such as proteins and 18 amino acids, 31 trace elements, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium … when penetrating the skin will control and limit the stretch. Of melanin on the skin surface. These nutrients work to prevent dark brown spots deep in the skin and brighten the skin from within. The essence in the nest brought is the ability to supply water four times since dry skin in winter becomes soft.

80% Japanese women said, in addition to eating scientifically rested, the oatmeal bath is an important factor that makes their skin color can brighten.

Beauty experts emphasize whether successful white bathing success depends on high-tech machinery. Swallow nests are many nutrients but if not properly treated will not penetrate into the skin and will not bring a whitening effect. With the effect of the Genlte Yag Whitening Machine, these essences can be pushed deep down to the bottom of the epidermis to minimize the formation and development of dull pigments. The technology will nourish and brighten the skin from the inside, thereby maintaining a long-lasting brightness, the skin is healthy from the inside so it will not be sunburned so it will not be damaged or worn out.

Usually four to six consecutive white baths, each held within 90 minutes, the girls will own a radiant white skin.

For free consultation and consultation white bathing methods contact:

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– 65B Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Tel: 043 942 39 39, 043 942 36 36.
35 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC. Tel: 0839 333 219; 0839 333 218.

Website: http://www.lavenderspa.vn.
Hotmail: tuvan@lavenderspa.vn
(Source: Lavenderspa & amp; Clinic)

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